Public Meetings to discuss Saltwater Disposal Wells

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Five public meetings to discuss saltwater disposal wells

Posted Nov. 21, 2011

After the first of the year, Fort Worth residents will have the opportunity to learn about saltwater disposal wells and give their opinion on the practice.

Five public meetings are planned in January and February. Meetings will be held in four quadrants of the city and downtown. Each meeting will include a presentation by city staff on saltwater disposal, comments by a panel made up of industry members and residents, and a moderated discussion between the panel and the audience.

These are the dates of the meetings:

  • North: Jan. 19; Location to be announced
  • South: Jan. 26; Location to be announced
  • West: Feb. 2; Lost Creek Country Club
  • East: Feb. 9; Tarrant County College Opportunity Center
  • Central: Feb. 23; City Council Chamber

All meetings begin at 7 p.m.

Following the public meetings, the City Council will be briefed on the results, and a public hearing is scheduled for March 6, 2012, at a City Council meeting.

A moratorium on saltwater disposal wells remains in place until April 30, 2012. Without these wells, gas drilling companies must truck millions of gallons of water outside the city as a byproduct of the hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, process. Heavy truck traffic causes wear on city streets.

Saltwater Disposal Wells

Currently, there is a moratorium on saltwater disposal wells in Fort Worth. This means that this wastewater must be trucked out of the city, greatly increasing truck traffic on streets. The new rules would allow saltwater disposal wells in the city if the wastewater is injected into the Ellenberger formation – deeper than the Barnett Shale formation. Residents within 1,000 feet of a proposed salt water disposal well, along with neighborhood associations within one-half mile, must be notified.

If a proposed saltwater disposal well falls within 1,000 feet of a protected use, City Council approval would be required. Additionally, access to saltwater disposal wells would be limited to larger industrial roads in order to protect neighborhood streets from heavy truck traffic.



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