MEETING Thursday 5/18 @ 6pm – MU Zoning

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Meeting you don’t want to miss 

Thursday, May 18

City Council Chambers

200 Texas St, FW, TX  76102


MU (Mixed-Use) or UR-Zoning close to us in Arlington Heights
On Thursday, May 18th at 6:00 in City Council Chambers city staff is holding a special open meeting to present the most recent proposed changes to MU and UR Zoning and hear comments from all interested, and all of us who live in Arlington Heights should be interested.

Many of the proposed 28 changes to the ordinance are welcome changes.  However, some might cause even more density, less parking and other changes that may threaten your neighborhoods.

The “poster child” for Fort Worth’s urban village/mixed use zoning concept is So 7 where it has been unfolding over the last 10 years.   Today, traffic congestion and the lack of parking spaces have emerged as the biggest challenges in So7, largely because of the dramatic reduction in parking requirements that come with mixed use zoning.  Another challenge in So7 is the predominance of bars in the area:  40 with 4 more in the works.  This does not include the almost 20 restaurants that serve alcohol.  Among the new changes proposed for mixed use zoning is adding bars to MU-1 which currently prohibits them.

Please join with other neighbors, neighborhoods associations, & neighborhood leaders to speak up at tomorrows meeting:

Thursday May 18

6:00 p.m.

City Council Chambers

AHNA Statement on Teardowns for Flood Abatement

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Pilot Parking Program Registration

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If you live on the following blocks: 

  • 3700-3600 blocks of Watonga
  • 3600-3800 blocks of Tulsa Way
  • 3600-3800 blocks of Crestline
  • 3600-3800 blocks of Washburn
  • 3600-3700 blocks of Harley
  • 3600-3700 blocks of Lafayette
  • Owasso from Watonga/Tulsa Way to Byers Ave

Wednesday January 4th & Thursday January 5th from 9am to 8pm SP+(formerly Standard Parking) will be onsite at the Western Heritage Parking Garage (WHPG) located at Montgomery Street and Lansford Lane, to assist residents who may want to register at the SP+ offices.  SP+ will have computers and be connected to the website so residents can have assistance with the registration. Residents will need to bring their driver’s license, a current utility bill that shows residency at the address and the license plate numbers for the vehicles that they wish to register.  There is no charge to register for the Pilot Parking Program.  There will not be a charge to park during these times at the WHPG.

SP+ is expecting delivery of the parking stickers on Friday of this week. The installation of the signs are in progress and we are hoping to get a status update in the near future.  The earliest expected enforcement will be January 13th.

Additionally, SP+ will provide the link to the website where residents can go online and register their vehicles from their house or work, etc.  It will contain instructions on how to register and get credentials for parking.  It is anticipated that the link will be in place in the very near future.

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