May 14, 2023 · Filed Under Events and News 

Fort Worth Public Library has posted photographs of 12 historical architectural gems in Fort Worth and is challenging all adults to enter the race to find them.

Join the hunt to find the locations of all twelve photos.  As soon as you’ve found all of them, send your entry in for a chance to win a copy of Quentin McGown’s book Historic Photos of Fort Worth.  All entries must be submitted by Friday May 26.  One entry per person.

Go to the Architectural Scavenger Hunt site to download contest forms from the “Other Entry Options.”  Entries may be submitted online through the “Play Online” form.  Contest forms are also available in person from the Fort Worth History Center.

Scavenger hunt locations may be identified by address or by a commonly known name or description.  Correct identification is determined at the sole discretion of the Fort Worth History Center staff. Be sure to include your contact name and email address.

In order to win, you must identify all twelve locations. If there are no correct entries, then the entries with the most correctly identified locations will be entered for the prize drawing.



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