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The residential portion of the Council-initiated rezoning petition as recommended by the city’s Zoning Commission will go to City Council on January 12.  If you have any questions about this petition, or to see if your home is impacted, plase call the City’s Zoning department at 817-392-8028 and reference ZC-09-116. You are also welcome to contact Dave Marshall, AHNA zoning chair, at zoning@ to discuss the petition as it impacts the Arlington Heights neighborhood.

With the help of our residents we were able to take this Council Initiated rezoning effort to city officials….During the January 2009 General Membership Roundtable, residents identified top neighborhood issues and preserving our hosing stock (preventing teardowns) as well as keeping commercial encroachment at bay were high on the list.

This is a statement from the AHNA Executive Committee regarding this rezoning effort…

The AHNA Executive Committee believes that Council-initiated rezoning is a proactive approach to rectify land use issues our neighborhood has confronted for years. For more than seven years, AHNA has been aligning zoning with current land use on a block-by-block basis with petition-based rezoning. Even utilizing this time intensive effort, we have successfully worked with our residents to rezone more than half our neighborhood. With this council-initiated rezoning effort, the City and we can correct the remainder of zoning issues within our boundaries much more effectively and efficiently.  

Our goal is simple: protect the integrity of the area by aligning the on-ground zoning to the current use of that particular property.  We want to protect our residential neighborhood and ensure that the investment our property owners have made in their homes remains constant.  In other words,

  • Block faces that are used as single family should be zoned A5, single family
  • Block faces that are used for duplexes should be zoned B2
  • Multi-family (apartments) should be zoned C.
  • Per the Fort Worth Development and Planning Department, businesses along our boundaries will be rezoned according to their business use.



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