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August 18, 2009 · Filed Under Events and News 

Parking In the North Eastern Portion of Arlington Heights:
The Western Heritage Parking Garage along Montgomery Street will have a major impact on parking within the Cultural District. To alleviate any potential negative impact to our streets and our residents, AHNA, the City of Fort Worth, and Will Rogers wants to have a neighborhood parking plan in place before the garage opens in February that will deter event goers from using the Northeast edge of our neighborhood as free parking.

About this Survey:
The primary purpose of this survey is to collect address-based information to create an accurate picture of where permit parking should be established as well as to gain an understanding of what type of permit parking program would best fit the needs of Arlington Heights residents.

The goal of this program is to establish permit only parking that will allow residents and their visitors the ability to park, if necessary, along the street adjacent to their homes. This informal survey is designed to help the Arlington Heights Neighborhood Association (AHNA) to gain a better understanding of the opinions and viewpoints related to the permit parking plan. This information will be used to provide to the City of Fort Worth and Will Rogers officials with planning options so that we might finalize and move forward with this initiative.

Residents will be informed of the results of this survey and will have further opportunities for feedback. There will be a second informational meeting involving City of Fort Worth staff and Will Rogers executives on September 14, 2009 at 6pm at the former Medical Arts Building on the corner of Tulsa Way and Crestline.

Why is this Survey Important?
Parking problems are a classic picture of “supply & demand”. The new Western Heritage parking garage will encompass 416,000 square feet and provide 1,117 additional parking spaces for the Will Rogers complex and improve access to Fort Worth’s entire Cultural District, including the new Museum of Science and History scheduled to open November 2009. However, the new garage won’t take care of all the parking needs at Will Rogers; it’s but one of several steps to improve access to the numerous events and national destinations located here in the Cultural District. Fees to park in the garage are expected to begin at approximately $6 and will increase gradually to approximately $8, or about what you would expect to pay if you were parking in downtown Fort Worth on a weekday.

Who should take this survey?
This survey is designed specifically for residents living in Arlington Heights adjacent to Montgomery Street  to approximately Sutter and from Camp Bowie  Blvd. to Dexter. Individual surveys will remain anonymous and only the president will have access to names and addresses. If data verification is needed, the AHNA president, Makenzie Carpenter, will contact individual households.

How this Survey will be completed:
This neighborhood survey will be completed by asking residents to complete the survey form, either in “hardcopy” or electronically. If you know of someone who would like to participate in this survey but they are without internet access, please feel free to give them this survey and have them submit it through the mail. Participation in this survey is fully voluntary.

Again, all information collected by this survey will remain CONFIDENTIAL and will not be shared with parties outside of AHNA.

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  5. In your opinion, when would enforcement be needed to restrict non-resident parking on your block?

  6. How should short term visitors be handled during restricted hours?

  7. Assuming that there is not enough money available either through Will Rogers or the City of Fort Worth to cover the cost of issuing new or replacement permits, what do you consider to be a reasonable replacement fee?

  8. Would you be willing to help AHNA to gather signatures for this program?


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