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Trees do much more than make our cities beautiful. They are an incredibly important resource because of the integral role they play in air quality and mitigating the effects of dry, scorching summers. Trees have become an extra hot topic, thanks to the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act’s $1.5 billion allocation for urban tree planting for this year alone.

Fort Worth’s tree canopy is estimated to cover about 19% of the city. Benchmarking with other cities, that’s low. A goal of 30% canopy coverage is what The Texas Trees Foundation, along with the City of Fort Worth, are hoping for as they develop the city’s first Urban Forest Master Plan.

Citizens are encouraged to fill out a survey about trees in Fort Worth, including ways to improve Fort Worth current tree ordinance. You can fill out a survey through the end of February 2023. If you haven’t already filled out a survey, here is a link to it:

In addition to the presentation at the AHNA membership meeting on Tuesday January 17, a virtual community workshop about the master plan is scheduled for Wednesday February 15 at 6:00pm. You must register ahead of time, in order for you to gain access to the on line meeting. Here’s where to RSVP:

Here is Fort Worth’s current urban tree ordinance:

For more information about Fort Worth Urban Forestry Management, go to:




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