April 30, 2010 · Filed Under Events and News 

be on the lookout….from a concerned neighbor…

A few weeks ago a neighbor’s car was stolen from their carport, just after sundown.  They were at home and we were at home with all lights blazing and these thieves were so stealthy and bold that they snatched the car from neighbors who are constantly in their yard.  This incident was reported as a “car burglary” which underplayed the  incident in my opinion.

Another neighbor reported seeing a man come to his front door at 2:00  a.m. – he could see the silhouette through his glass front door.  This same neighbor reported a seeing a vehicle with two young men in the front seat,  parked across the street from his house, staring at  the house they were parked in front of.

Our street gets a lot of traffic because it’s a diagonal cross street that enables drivers to avoid traffic lights.  Further, there are a  lot of pedestrians on our street.  Nevertheless, I have noticed people that don’t belong on the street (never seen before) walking  remarkably slowly up the street, who don’t appear to be coming from any where or going anywhere with nothing in their hands but a cell phone.

The point is, I’m afraid we may be under watch by opportunistic miscreants and it would be advisable if everyone were notified to be on the lookout.


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