August 5, 2010 · Filed Under Events and News 

When it comes to the Blue Crew, it’s all about recycling and recycling right in Fort Worth. The six-member team of City employees is dedicated to educating Fort Worth residents on how to recycle properly. A vast majority of their time is spent in our neighborhoods checking the blue recycling carts. Does that mean they sift through waste every day? Yes it does.

The Blue Crew is going through your blue carts to ensure the correct items are being recycled. When items that are not in the City’s recycling program are sorted at the recycle processing center, this material goes to the landfill. However, because of all of the additional handling it costs about three times as much as it would have if this material was put into the brown cart to begin with. That costs all of us money. So please let’s all work together to do the right thing right.

This month’s tip from the Blue Crew: Please remember do not recycle Styrofoam®, plastic bags, plastic hoses or yard trimmings.


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