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Below is the latest from Greg Robbins, Senior Project Manager.

What work is currently underway?
The contractor is in the process of demolishing the pavement on Clover Lane between Lafayette and Camp Bowie in preparation for paving. They are also continuing installation of new sidewalks and ADA wheelchair ramps near the streets on the south end of the project and in front of Stripling Middle School. The contractor is also finishing up all work associated with the new water and sewer utilities.

When will it be done?
The demolition of the existing pavement between Bryce and Camp Bowie should finish around August 20. Subgrade preparation is expected to last until the end of August, with paving operations resuming late August/early Sept.

What work was completed in July?
During the last month, the contractor connected the new water to the existing utilities in the intersection of Clover and Camp Bowie, completed concrete paving between Birchman and Bryce and several new ramps and sidewalk sections.

What’s next?
August 10-14: Excavating of pavement north of Stripling Middle School, continue sidewalks and ramp installation on El Camp going south.

August 17-21: Complete excavation up to Camp Bowie, start preparing subgrade for pavement.       Continue installation of sidewalks and ramps.

August 24-28: Complete subgrade preparation. Begin paving on Bryce going north. Complete sidewalk and ramp installation between Birchman and El Campo

Which streets will be affected?
As paving operations move into the north side of the project, more and more of the new pavement in the south section of the road (Birchman to Bryce) is being opened up to traffic. Expect delays and temporary closures between Bryce and Camp Bowie as demolition and paving operations are starting in earnest in this section.

Which properties may experience water/sewer disruptions?
No more water/sewer disruptions are expected. The contractor has completed the installation of all new water and sewer utilities in Clover Lane.

Thank you,
Greg Robbins, PE, PMP
Senior Project Manager
Tel: 817 392-2333
Cell: 682.263.6014


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