November 3, 2019 · Filed Under Events and News 

Story and photos by Shanna Cisneros

Did you hear the fireworks on Saturday, October 26? Well, it was the celebration of the grand opening of the new Dickies Arena. The chilly temperatures and sunny skies welcomed Mayor Betsy Price, Ed Bass, and a few citizens to the new Dickies Arena. Golf carts were transporting city council members like Gyna Bivens to the east side of the building where they were welcomed by those who wanted to experience a bit of Fort Worth history in the making.

First, Ed Bass spoke about how many people helped to put the project together. Then, Mayor Betsy Price talked about how proud she was of the new building. During her speech a small group of people carried a banner that read “We don’t feel safe” and were escorted away by a couple of police officers. After all the speeches, the official ribbon was cut. Suddenly, fireworks exploded above the giant blue and yellow Dickies sign and everyone lined up to go inside.

Upon entering the building, you were met by alabaster walls and gray speckled terrazzo floors. Families rushed to get free sodas and popcorn. A lady next to me said they had high school kids come and flush the toilets to make sure they worked.

You couldn’t help but notice the rather large big screen hanging from the ceiling where if you stood in just the right place, you could see yourself.

Hot dogs were discounted at $5.00. The discounted buffalo sliders with fries were around $12. The mimosas on the bar level were perfect.

The arena was set up for a basketball game while a video played interviews of people who had helped bring Dickies to life.

If you went downstairs you could see the beautiful locker rooms for athletes and the performers quarters.  One of the best features is the ADA accessible restrooms with no doors. Most people don’t realize how difficult it is to visit a landmark building with a walker or wheelchair. This arena was definitely built for everyone.

Intrepid reporter Shanna Cisneros (center) with her daughter Graysen, husband Chris and Mayor Betsy Price at the October 26 Dickies Arena ribbon cutting.          



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