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The design meeting on October 21 that was hosted by the City to present upcoming plans for new infrastructure in Arlington Heights was well attended and generated the following written Q & A for those who could not attend:

Why are we doing this project? The Westside Alliance & Arlington Heights Infrastructure project was included in Transportation and Public Works’ part of the 2018 bond program. Fort Worth Water is working in conjunction with TPW to replace water and sewer lines under the streets that TPW will be rehabilitating. TPW will take over management of the project when it gets to the construction phase.

What is the timeline? October 21 was a design meeting. The community construction meeting is expected to take place in first quarter of 2021 with construction beginning in the first quarter of 2021. Currently, the projected end date for Westside Alliance & Arlington Heights Infrastructure is July 2022. Franchise utilities – gas, communications, electric have to clear the way for the construction.

Are our roads going to be blocked during construction? The design will allow for one lane of traffic to be open during construction. More information will be available once the contractor is selected for the project.

What is the timeline for construction? Construction is expected to start during the first quarter of 2021. The contractor will be given a calculated number of days to complete the project. The current projected end date is July 2022. Generally, a contractor will have one crew to install the sewer line, one crew to install the water line, and one crew to do the paving. All three will be done in succession. Temporary asphalt may be put down before the permanent asphalt street is constructed.

Do homeowners/property owners get a say in whether a tree is removed? Trees that are in the city of Fort Worth right-of-way are city property. Fort Worth Water and TPW will do everything they can to preserve as many trees as possible. City staff as well as the consultant and contractor will do a walk-through to determine which trees can be saved. The arborist has the final say on whether or not the tree has to be removed.

Are the sewer lines in the street? The sewer line replacements are in the alleyways. Many of those alleyways are overgrown with trees so those trees may be removed to create room for the sewer lines because tree roots can create maintenance issues for sewer pipes. The sewer lines are being upsized from 6 inches in diameter to 8 inches in diameter.

Are we getting new streets? Yes, all of the streets listed will be rehabilitated. This includes a new base layer as well as the top layer of asphalt. The curb and gutter and driveways will also be replaced. The sidewalk scope varies for each street.

Will our streets be narrowed? No, the City has guidelines on the width of streets. Staff understands that streets have been narrowed in the past but they will not be narrowed as part of this project.

I bought a parking sticker through the resident parking permit program. When my street is under construction can I park on another street and not get a ticket? Residents who have a valid parking sticker can park in “permit only zones” on other streets in those designated Resident Parking Permit Program areas.

Why are the water lines being replaced? New water lines will improve the water quality as well as fire protection because it will be a continuous loop.

Are we upsizing the water lines? If so, from what to what? The diameter of the water lines will be upsized from 4-inches and 6-inches to 8-inches.

Is the existing water service line at 1220 Madeline Place lead? The City’s side of the existing water service line is not lead.

Will my water be turned off during construction? You will be placed on a temporary water line during the construction. It will take 30 minutes or less to connect your property to the new water line when that line is ready to go active.

What about our water meter boxes? Shared water meter boxes will be divided so that each home has its own water meter. During this project, new water meters will be installed as part of Fort Worth Water’s MH20 program.

Here is a list of all the streets that will be affected:

• Belle Place from West 7th Street to Mattison Avenue (sewer and paving)
• Belle Place from Linden Avenue to Collinwood Avenue (paving)
• Kenley Street from Camp Bowie Boulevard to Collinwood Avenue (water, sewer and paving)
• Madelene Place from Clarke Avenue to Camp Bowie Boulevard (water and paving)
• Sanguinet Street from Byers Avenue to El Campo Avenue (water, sewer and paving)
• Belle Place from Linden Avenue to Collinwood Avenue (water and paving)
• Harley Avenue from Owasso Street to Sutter Street (water and paving)
• Margaret Street from Byers Avenue to Collinwood Avenue (water, sewer and paving)
• Penticost Street from Birchman Avenue to Calmont Avenue (sewer and paving)
• Owasso Street from Byers Avenue to Calmont Avenue (sewer and paving)
• Sutter Street from Byers Avenue to Pershing Avenue (sewer and paving)
• Washburn Avenue from Montgomery Street to Sutter Street (water, sewer and paving)

For more information contact:

Suby Varughese – 817-392-7803, suby.barughese@fortworthtexas.gov

Greg Robbins – 817-392-2333, gregory.robbins@fortworthtexas.gov








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