General Membership Meeting Minutes: February 16, 2009

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AHNA General Membership Meeting
Monday February 16, 2009

6:32     Meeting called to order by Makenzie Carpenter. 

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Code Compliance
John Michael is filling in for Gina Cubbage tonight. 
Current Cases:  The daycare in the 5100 block of Calmont has been shut down.  There is an illegally zoned apartment in the area that Code Compliance is working on.
John received other complaints and concerns from neighbors prior to the meeting.  He has written them down and will give them to Gina. 
Other issues:  If there is trash left on the front lawn from home remodeling (or other trash), there is a law that says the property must be kept clean.  So this can be reported.  However, a dumpster for construction trash is not required by law. 

Crime Report
Officer Miller asks if anyone has any questions or concerns. 
Q:  Does Officer Miller have a regular shift?  When can we call your cell phone?  A:  No, he would love for it to be 9-5, but his schedule is actually very flexible!  You can call my cell at anytime.  Also you can call the Police non-emergency number:  817-335-4222.  If it is an emergency, call 911.
Q:  Can solicitors go door to door?  A:  Yes, the law against it has been repealed. 
Q:  Are there any suspects in the recent car burglaries?  A:  There have been some arrests made, but these people are only jailed for a few days before being released.  They tend to go right back to car theft.  Car burglaries are the biggest problem in our neighborhood right now.  Please lock your car doors.  Don’t leave items in plain site.  Recently in one area, 10 cars were burglarized and 8 laptop computers were stolen.  Please be careful with your personal property! 
Q:  Can we make burglary a felony again?  A:  Write or call your senator and legislators.  The problem was space in our jails. 
Crime Statistics:  Home burglarized on Birchman.  Vehicle stolen on Tulsa Way.  Burglarized Vehicles:  Dos Gringos Parking Lot, 4928 Dexter, 145 N. Bailey, 4909 Camp Bowie, 4630 Camp Bowie, 1913 Tremont, 2224 Tremont, 3914 Bryce.
For a full copy of the crime report, please contact Makenzie Carpenter, Kelly Jo Nial or Officer Miller.  
Q:  Do we have a bait car in our neighborhood?  A:  Officer Miller can’t comment on that, as locations of the bait cars are to remain secret.

Zoning Committee
No zoning report, but we are encouraging people to re-zone their blocks to A-5 single family, if they aren’t already.    

New Business

Neighborhood Watch Presentation
Eartha Pitre, Crime Prevention Specialist with the City of Fort Worth, came to discuss Crime Watch.  What is Crime Watch?  It is an organized group of neighbors watching out for each other and reporting crime activity anonymously.  Crime Watch is not being a nosey neighbor or taking matters into your own hands. 
Block Captains are a good help for Crime Watch.  You should get to know your neighbors, and from a group.  Be sure to exchange information, emergency phone numbers, ect., and determine rules for contact with the contact information.  One example, a neighbor leaves their garage door open during the day, but when it gets to late night and the door is still open, something could be wrong, or they just forgot.  You can call to ask them!  Another example, one lady in our neighborhood has a list of all her neighbors contact information.  When a house on the block caught on fire, she had the owner’s information to get a hold of them (after calling the fire department of course!).
If you are interested in becoming a block captain or getting involved in the neighborhood crime watch, please put your name on a sticker and place the sticker on the map of our neighborhood.  Or contact Makenzie Carpenter after the meeting. 
As part of the neighborhood watch program, Eartha will email out the crime report for our neighborhood, and crime prevention tips and presentations. 
Other crime prevention programs through the City of Fort Worth:  HEAT Program, Auto Etching, Home Security Checklist, Operation ID, Kids ID, Crime Stoppers 817-469-TIPS
The main concern of neighbors from our January Round Table meeting was crime and crime prevention.  So please get involved!  Crime Watch and Block Captains are both great programs that don’t take much time and can truly improve our neighborhood, so please sign up!
Q:  There is a Neighborhood Crime Watch sign at the corner of Birchman and Sanginet that is covered by a tree limb.  How do we get that fixed?  A:  Call Traffic and Public Works Department with the City of Fort Worth. 

Upcoming Speakers
March – Master Gardener Sharon Chastain will discuss Rainwater Harvesting Techniques. 

Meeting Adjourned @ 7:09 pm.


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