General Membership Meeting Minutes, Monday January 19, 2009

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6:30     Meeting called to order by Makenzie Carpenter.  She introduces the Roundtable meeting format and asks everyone to pick up and fill out a note card with two issues that concern them most. 
After a brief wait, Makenzie calls the meeting to order and welcomes all members. 

Announcements: Juliet George, the neighborhood historian, announces that she is putting together a historical book about Arlington Heights.  She is looking to collect mostly photos, and some essays about our neighborhood to cover from 1890 to present times.  She needs all photos by April.  If anyone has photos they would like to be published in this book, please call Juliet. 

Seismic Update: Jeff Seay with Gateway will be knocking on doors in our neighborhood to get approval for seismic testing.  This gives Chesapeake the opportunity to look under our neighborhood without compensation or without a lease.  You are free to make your own decision as to whether you will allow them to test on your property, but the Executive Committee does not endorse this testing. 

Q:  Is there a drill site?
A:  No, Chesapeake does not have a drill site for our neighborhood.
Q:  Did they not do seismic testing last year?
A:  Yes, but only on land that had been leased.  They are now trying to come back and fill in the gaps on their map. 
Q:  Couldn’t they just do this anyway without our permission?
A:  By law, the Texas Railroad Commission, they are not allowed to perform seismic testing where they do not have a lease or a signed permit. 
Q:  Does the EC endorse seismic testing?
A:  No, we just want you to be informed if/when someone knocks on your door asking you to sign the seismic testing permit.
Q:  If I consent, and then want the box moved to mow my lawn, what do I do?
A:  There will be a phone number on the box, which looks a lot like a car battery.  You can call the number and Chesapeake will come out and move the box for you.     

Zoning Committee:
There are no new zoning cases to report.
Makenzie notes that while it is quiet on the zoning front, it is a good idea to push our neighbors to have their blocks re-zoned to single family A-5. 

Q:  How much of our neighborhood is zoned single family A-5?
A:  About half. 

Crime Report:
Jan Bourne gave the crime report because Officer Miller is on vacation.  Burglary and Break Ins are up.  2 homes have been broken into in the last month.  Please turn your porch lights on and leave lights on in your home if you are out.  Criminals have been knocking on doors and when there is no answer, they have been kicking doors in.  It is best to let someone knocking know that there is someone home.  If you do not recognize the person, then just speak through the door to tell them you are not interested.  Don’t keep your purse by the door. 

Three neighbors shared their stories.  One lady said her house had been broken into through the back door.  One man said he had been swindled by someone who had done yard work.  Do not pay someone in advance.  One lady had her American Flag ripped to shreds on Tulsa Way. 

In the 4900 block of Birchman, a peeping tom was reported last night (Monday).  If you see something suspicious, please call Officer Miller.
Makenzie re-stressed to our neighbors to keep your porch lights on at night and that it is okay not to open the door to people you don’t know. 

Stock Show Parking
The city of Fort Worth has designated certain areas of our neighborhood with special parking requirements through the Stock Show.  These areas now only allow parking on one side of the street only to keep the street congestion lower.  If you are having problems with parking from the Stock Show, please call Officer Miller.

New Business

Fort Worth Parks Department:
Christy Lemmon with the city of Fort Worth Parks Department, Forestry Division, came to the meeting to discuss the Big Tree Registry.  This program is a way to recognize and honor large trees and their owners throughout our community.  These trees can be unique or have a special story associated with them as well as being large.  AHNA has a nomination form that can be filled out and mailed to:

Forestry Section, Parks and Community Services
Big Tree Registry for Fort Worth
4200 South Freeway, Suite 2200
Fort Worth, Texas 76115

Roundtable Meeting
Topics submitted by Residents of AHNA:
Zoning & Development
Animal Control
Code Compliance
Gas Drilling
Social Events

Everyone who attended the meeting placed their stickers on the issues most important to them.  The results were counted and labeled in order of importance according to votes. 

A question is posed to the group, “What is Bad Development?”
Answers:  McMansions, Zoning waivers, tearing down structurally sound homes, homes out of scale to their neighbors, businesses in residential areas. 

Upcoming Speakers
Next meeting, February, we will discuss the Block Captain Program.   
Meeting Adjourned @ 7:30 pm.


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