Parking Plan Meeting Update (Northeast Portion of Arlington Heights)

May 28, 2009 · Filed Under Events and News 

A big thank you to all who attended the permit-only parking plan meeting held on May 21 at Thomas Place Community Center. We were able to establish preliminary boundaries and I was able to relay all concerns/questions to city staff who is working to get those questions answered. A second meeting is planned for July 20 at 6:30pm at Arlington Heights United Methodist Church. Look for more information as that date approaches. At this time Randy Burkett, Transportation Engineer with the city’s Transportation/Public Works Department will be joining us. We will also invite stakeholders from Will Rogers and other city staff to be on hand to answer questions.


The following boundaries were established as a result of the parking meeting on May 21.


·         Tulsa Way 3600-3800 blocks, both sides of the street

·         Watonga St 3600-3700 blocks, both sides of the street

·         Crestline 3600-4000 blocks, both sides of the street (where No Parking has not already been established)

·         Washburn 3600-3800 blocks, both sides of the street

·         Harley 3600-3800 blocks, both sides of the street

·         Lafayette 3600-3700 blocks, both sides of the street

·         Dexter 3600-3800 blocks, both sides of the street

·         Owasso 1500-2000 blocks, both sides of the street

·         Dorothy 1900 block, both sides of the street


During the public meeting, the following questions/concerns were raised:

1.       What number of Permit-Only signs will be on each side of the street/each block? Can we pain the curbs?

2.       Will there be crosswalks painted across Montgomery for pedestrians?

3.       Will there be parking meters available to patrons along Camp Bowie/Montgomery/Lancaster/Will Rogers Road/ Van Cliburn Way for Cultural District patrons?

4.       How will you charge for parking for those who park in parking lots in front of the Amon Carter or the Modern Art Museum, for example?

5.       How will Permit-Only Parking be handled in front of apartment complexes? Will we need to secure signatures from those living in the apartments?

6.       Will cars that are parked illegally be towed or ticketed?

7.       How can we easily obtain visitor parking permits on a temporary basis?

8.      How many guest tags will we get / how many resident tags will we get? We need enough to accommodate teenagers/maids

9.       Is there any hope that access to Montgomery from the parking garage could be closed which might alleviate traffic on Montgomery Street and detour patrons from parking in Arlington Heights?

10.   Can we have abbreviated Permit-Only parking regulations (weekends or hours) rather than 24/7?

11.    What future development can we expect along Montgomery Street within the cultural district?


As a reminder, this parking meeting was held in response to the construction of the Western Heritage Parking Garage along Montgomery Street which will have a significant impact on parking within the Cultural District. To alleviate any potential negative impact to our streets and our residents, AHNA, the City of Fort Worth, and Will Rogers wants to have a plan in place before the garage opens in February that will deter event goers from using the eastern edge of our neighborhood as a free parking.


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