March 29, 2010 · Filed Under Events and News 

As you head to the nursery this spring to choose landscape trees, it’s important to select the right tree for the right location.

Because different trees have different mature heights, plan carefully where you plant each tree. Planting the right tree in the right place will enhance your property value and may prevent costly trimming and damage to your home in the future.

Good landscaping also uses shrubs and low-growing trees (25 feet or less) that are compatible with overhead utility lines. Low-growing trees will not normally reach utility lines, and therefore will help prevent power interruptions to you and your neighbors.

The city generally does not encourage trees to be planted in utility easements and city rights of way.

The city staff works with local utility provider Oncor to educate residents on the need to plant the correct species of trees and shrubs if it is necessary to plant along roadways or beneath power lines.

Learn more:  A brochure is available online from Oncor to help you avoid planting trees that will interfere with overhead wires. The online brochure lists trees that are compatible around power lines and provides information on where and when to plant trees around your home.


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