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Union Pacific Railroad (Applicant) has filed an application with the City of Fort Worth for the city’s approval of a Municipal Setting Designation (MSD) for the Union Pacific Centennial Rail Yard located at 1500 Rogers Road , Fort Worth , Texas . This is an approximately 67 acre tract (Site) within the property boundaries of the 350-acre rail yard.

The UPRR MSD will be considered through a Public Hearing at the December 15th, Council Meeting.  What that means is city staff will brief council on the actual MSD application, summarize the Public Meeting, and then make a recommendation regarding the application.  During the Public Hearing anyone that wants to speak in favor or against the application has the time to do so.  Following staff recommendation then Council will have to take some kind of action that may include delaying action to a future council meeting, voting against the application or voting in support of the application.

The MSD Application is available for review in three places:

  1. Environmental Management Department offices located at 908 Monroe Street, Fort Worth, TX – 7th Floor.
  2. Ridglea Branch Library located at 3628 Bernie Anderson Ave., Fort Worth, Texas
  3. On the internet at:

The MSD application looks quite large and potentially hard to get through.   However, what contaminants are in the groundwater, what groundwater is sought to be restricted and what property will be covered by the restriction are primarily covered under Item #7 (including Attachment #2A and the LNAPL Concentration Map) and Item #11 – Site Map.

The bulk of the paper included in the application details property owners and well owners.

For general information on what an MSD is please visit:


If you have any questions or concerns please call or email: 

Michael A. Gange
Assistant Director – EMD
Phone: 817-392-6569
Fax: 817-392-6359


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