Residential Permit Parking Program Update (Eastern Edge AH)

June 26, 2009 · Filed Under Events and News 

Here are the answers to the questions posed during our last Residential Permit Parking Program meeting held at the end of May at Thomas Place Community Center. This meeting was held in order to devise a preemptive solution to the potential increase in parking along the eastern edge of Arlington Heights which will likely result from the paid parking initiative/Western Heritage Parking Garage that is currently under construction. A meeting between city staff and Will Rogers was held to answer these questions (Arlington Heights was not invited) and these answers came from a city staff member.

Does anyone have any additional feedback? Don’t hesistate to post a comment or send me an email (president@ Thank you!

  1. What number of Permit-Only signs will be on each side of the street/each block? Can we pain the curbs? The signs will be space between 100 to 150 feet apart.   We do not paint curbs—cost and resources just not available to do this and maintain in the future when it gets to looking bad.
  2. Will there be crosswalks painted across Montgomery for pedestrians?  We do at signalized intersections.
  3. Will there be parking meters available to patrons along Camp Bowie/Montgomery/Lancaster/Will Rogers Road/ Van Cliburn Way for Cultural District patrons? We are working on plan to install meters but nothing immediate in the works.
  4. How will you charge for parking for those who park in parking lots in front of the Amon Carter or the Modern Art Museum, for example? These lots are not city property.  It will be up to individual property owner.
  5. How will Permit-Only Parking be handled in front of apartment complexes? Will we need to secure signatures from those living in the apartments?  The owner of complex or his representative can sign the petition that will be circulated by NA prior to any installations.  (Must have 2/3 of residents per block face approve in order to install proposed signage).
  6. Will cars that are parked illegally be towed or ticketed? If Police are called the car will be ticketed.  Police field supervisor will make call on whether car is towed.
  7. How can we easily obtain visitor parking permits on a temporary basis? Recommend we call these permits guest tags since they are for basically same purpose—temporary parking.  The NA will manage and decide distribution and what number to be issued and whether to be returned upon end of usage. *       WE ARE STILL WORKING ON A BETTER ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION.
  8. How many guest tags will we get / how many resident tags will we get? We need enough to accommodate teenagers/maids.  Here again, the NA will manage and decide distribution and what number to be issued and whether to be returned upon end of usage.
  9. Is there any hope that access to Montgomery from the parking garage could be closed which might alleviate traffic on Montgomery Street and detour patrons from parking in Arlington Heights? No.  Access will be from Montgomery Street and construction is underway.
  10. Can we have abbreviated Permit-Only parking regulations (weekends or hours) rather than 24/7?  Yes.  We would recommend Friday, Saturday, &Sunday with time restrictions on the sign from 10:00am -8:00pm with tow-a-way plates on the pole also.
  11. What future development can we expect along Montgomery Street within the cultural district? Yet to be determined.
  12. A resident informed me that he was told that if the garage were allowed to be built with the lighted art-visibility to Camp Bowie from the north side of the boulevard, then FREE parking would be allowed BY SHUTTLE to all major events at the Coliseum, thus reducing the burden of parking on the neighborhood.  Is this the case? NO ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION WAS SUPPLIED.


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