Safe Neighborhood Program Targets Code Violators

July 30, 2009 · Filed Under Events and News 

The second Safe Neighborhoods Initiative — a 90-day Code Compliance Department program that helps educate residents about health and safety issues — kicked off recently in a portion of the Diamond Hill neighborhood. Campaigns also are planned for portions of the Greater Historic Northside and Bomber Heights neighborhoods.

The Safe Neighborhoods Initiative is a team project, combining the efforts of residents and neighborhood groups with staff from all the divisions of Code Compliance. During campaigns, staff from Neighborhood Code Compliance, Illegal Dumping, Animal Care and Control and Consumer Health, with the help of police officers and other community partners, visit areas with a high number of code, animal and safety issues.

Each campaign has two phases. The first is an education emphasis, with staff working to help residents recognize issues and offer solutions to the challenges. The second phase may result in citations for residents who don’t comply with any needed changes brought to their attention during the initial visits.

Residents can help by making sure their property is clean and safe, and that all vehicles are in operating condition and not parked on front or side yards. Pet owners need to make sure their dogs and cats are currently vaccinated against rabies, licensed with the city and properly restrained.

To learn more, call 817-392-6347.


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