September 20, 2021 · Filed Under Events and News 

September’s winner is 4317 Birchman Avenue.  The classic landscape is tweaked every year with accents of colorful seasonal annuals.

Ben Rhett and Sarah Copeland moved into their home on Birchman Avenue in 2015. They saw potential in the landscaping and wanted to keep it in character with their vintage 1938 home. Because they enjoy working in their yard, they wasted no time before digging in.  One of the old growth trees in the front yard had already been removed before they bought the house and the remaining tree was severely diseased. The Copelands made the hard decision to remove it, replacing it with Florida maple tree that became the new centerpiece of their front yard.  “We try to showcase it as much as possible when we design plants and landscaping accents for each growing season,” says Ben Rhett.  Ben Rhett shares this yard tip: “Know the places of your yard that get direct and indirect sunlight during each season and plant accordingly.”

Congratulations to the Copelands who, like all AHNA Yard of the Month winners, received a complimentary annual AHNA membership and a $25 gift certificate to Archie’s Gardenland.  To nominate a yard, even your own, please send your address to


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