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July 23, 2009 · Filed Under Events and News 

Posting thanks to Ed Riefenstahl who posted the following in the Fort Worth Business Press

I run the Speakers Series for the MBA Program at TCU’s Neeley School of Business and I am always looking for opportunities for our business students to mix with the business public.  Therefore, I would like to let readers know about three great programs that are coming up. They are morning workshops, ending by noon, and will be held at TCU. 

The formats will be the same: several speakers will individually focus on and speak to different aspects of the program topic. Then, they will return to the stage to engage in a question/answer session with the audience.

The workshops also will be attended by full-time MBAs from the Neeley School of Business, so if your firm is looking for either interns or full-time hires, the workshops will be a great place to find prospective hires. There will be interactive activities, so you will get to interact with the students and hear what our next generation of business leaders is thinking. They likewise get to hear what you, our current leaders, think about the topic. It has proved a rewarding mix in our past programs for both groups.

Sept. 25

Business Online Networking  – Are you confused about all you are hearing about online marketing using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.? Corporate representatives from the major business online networking platforms, as well as aggregators like HubSpot, have been invited to TCU’s Neeley School of Business to share with the audience their organization’s vision for the online networking market, and their space within it. The corporate representatives also will be asked to share some of the newest features that are planned.

Oct. 23

Optimizing the Sale of a Business – Three speakers representing various aspects of the business sales cycle will individually share their perspective on optimizing the sale of a business. Fred Herbert, CEO of PE3, will speak to what you can do today to increase the sale of your business three to five years from now. Tony Ford, Principle, Kasper & Associates, will speak on the third party sale process and how value is established, what business owners can expect in using a broker and deal killers that mess things up for everyone. Last, Dave Diesslin, Diesslin & Associates, will speak on the importance of “ROL,” Return on Life, and how tax and estate planning fits with Exit Planning process.

Jan. 29, 2010

Achieving Balance Creates Business Success – In this session three expert speakers will help you identify the path to work place excellence by achieving balance in all functional areas. The first speaker is John King. King’s NEXT Foundation helps businesses’ bottom line through productivity and longevity of their staff by creating a culture of trust through leadership, and teaches them how to create leaders – at every level in the organization. Next, author Connie Sitterly, “The Workplace Doctor,” will discuss the top human resource management areas that an organization’s leaders must rigorously follow, and practical ways through their human resources function of keeping the organization “in balance.” Finally, Attorney Liane Janovsky, board certified in labor and employment law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, will discuss specific legal cases that because of lack of leadership and balance, an environment lacking in trust is created and the unhappy legal consequences that followed.

If you would like to be added to the invitation list to any of these programs, contact Cheryl Wurtzer-Zarrillo at or 817-488-7975, or me at or 817-257-5668.

Ed Riefenstahl is the Fort Worth area managing director of The Alternative Board. He also founded and leads Neeley & Associates Consultants at TCU’s Neeley School of Business.


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