October 15, 2009 · Filed Under Events and News 

The Fort Worth City Council has approved the 2010 water rates, wastewater rates and miscellaneous charges. The changes take effect Jan. 1.

The increases raise the typical residential customer’s water and wastewater charges by $1.10 monthly. The actual changes are based on the size of the water meter — the larger the water meter, the higher the monthly increase.
In addition, the City Council approved adding a 5 percent late fee for payments made three days after the due date and increased three other charges — activation, restoration and transfer — from $10 each to $20 each.

Benchmarking showed that all other large Texas cities assess late fees and that other charges were below the rates of other utilities.

Several factors caused water and wastewater rate increases: higher raw water costs and employee benefits costs, and the addition of costs for other post-employment benefits and a payment in lieu of taxes.

The Water Department took several measures to minimize the rate increase, including reducing staffing and spending, delaying some spending and using available revenue from the debt service fund.

The Rate Structure Customer Advisory Committee reviewed the proposed changes to the water and wastewater rate structure.

The committee did not consider whether rate increases are needed, as this is not its charge. Instead, members looked at the ways the rates are structured to ensure each class of customers (residential, industrial, etc.) pays rates that are fair and equitable.


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