UPDATE: West Seventh Street Bridge Set to Close

August 20, 2009 · Filed Under Events and News 

Original post source: Fort Worth Business Press

“Business owners and developers along Fort Worth’s West Seventh Street were stunned at a recent meeting of the Associated Businesses of the Cultural District when they learned of plans to close the Seventh Street bridge between the Cultural District and Downtown for reconstruction for up to 10 months.” To read the full article, visit: http://www.fwbusinesspress.com/display.php?id=10693

UPDATE from City of Fort Worth as of August 20, 2009:

The aging Seventh Street Bridge, a popular east-west thoroughfare that connects downtown to the Cultural District, is due to be reconstructed next year.

The original span was built in 1913 and was expanded in 1953 when the Trinity River was rerouted and the surrounding levees were built. The bridge is not listed as a historic structure.
Beams, girders and the deck of the 1913 portion of the bridge are deteriorating.

The bridge has been determined to be safe to use. However, in the latest inspection by the Texas Department of Transportation, conducted in July, the deck was rated in fair condition (5 on a scale of 1 to 9) while the superstructure was rated a 4 (poor condition). The bridge received a sufficiency rating of 38.5 on a scale of 0 to 100.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is designing a new bridge. According to the project’s schedule, bids would be let in May of 2010, with construction completed in early 2011.

City staff is recommending a temporary detour as the safest route for traffic during construction. The detour would direct traffic south to the Lancaster Avenue Bridge, which city staff says is underused. Motorists could reconnect to West Seventh Street at University Drive or Currie Street on the west end, or at Summit Avenue on the east end of the bridge.

The temporary detour would add half a mile to the commute from downtown to University Drive and the growing retail and entertainment district on West Seventh Street.

Several efforts are being considered to minimize the effect on traffic during construction:
• Major bridge components would be prefabricated offsite to expedite construction.
• Early-completion incentives would be offered to contractors.
• Hefty penalties would be assessed for late completion.


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