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The sale of the 9 city-owned homes on Western and Carleton Avenues was just a few days away from being approved by Fort Worth City Council on January 23, when it was suddenly pulled from the vote agenda “for further and evaluation by City leadership, since only one bid was received.”

Three months later, the Stormwater Department announced that the bid they had originally been recommending for approval in January would now be rejected by City Council and a new direction for the homes was unveiled.

Below is the email the Stormwater Department sent out to neighbors:

SUBJECT: Update on Central Arlington Heights City-Owned Properties
DATE: Tue, 9 Apr 2024 22:16:32 +0000
FROM: Sterne, Linda <>

Dear Arlington Heights Stakeholders,

At our last update in early March, after receiving a single bid for the 9 properties up for sale for redevelopment, we informed you that City leadership wanted to take some time to consider this very important and complex project, and that we would update you as soon as there was a decision. Thank you all for your incredible patience while we truly sought the right direction to take and weighed all of the factors in the decision-making process.

After much consideration and deliberation, City leadership has arrived at a compromise for moving forward, which entails both greenspace and redevelopment combined. That compromise is as follows:

The current bid received for all 9 properties to be sold for redevelopment will be taken to City Council for rejection. When the City put the properties up for sale through a competitive bid process, the City anticipated that multiple offers would be received and thus included a bid review process that would provide for scoring and input from stakeholders.  However, only 1 bid was received.  Since closure of the bidding deadline, the City received feedback from many interested parties regarding the bid process and the redevelopment plan.  City leadership carefully considered all of the feedback as well as the financial investment toward a flood mitigation solution.  It was determined that the receipt of only 1 bid was not competitive and that a new path for disposition is warranted to allow for a more effective redevelopment plan for both the city and community.

The plan for the future disposition of the Central Arlington Heights properties owned by the City is as follows: The home at 2213 Western is situated between two FEMA grant-funded vacant lots  at 2209/2211 Western and 2217/2219 Western. The two FEMA lots are serving as greenspace in perpetuity. Thus, 2213 Western will best serve the neighborhood as a contiguous greenspace together with the FEMA lots. Therefore, the City will keep the property at 2213 Western and demolish the existing structure allowing for the contiguous greenspace to be more effectively maintained and used by the community. The remaining 8 city-owned properties will be sold for redevelopment. However, the properties will be placed for sale individually through a real estate broker.  The City will initiate a Request for Proposal process to seek a qualified Real Estate Broker. Once the properties are listed, offers will be accepted for a period of 90 days. The broker will establish the value of each property and the highest bid offered for each property will be considered by the City.

Future buyers will still be required to elevate the existing structures at least 2 feet above the 100-year non-FEMA flood risk elevation. Alternatively, the buyer will have the option to demolish the existing structure and either build new at least 2 feet above the flood risk elevation or maintain a lot as privately-owned greenspace. Lastly, the requirement for structures to preserve the architectural style of the area will be maintained.

There will be a few additional changes from the initial bid notice offering.  First, to meet the City’s needs to protect and maintain the existing drainage system, a redevelopment requirement for the properties at 2216 and 2220 Carleton will stipulate that the separate garage structures (which were built over the existing storm drainage system) must be demolished.  Second, 2300 Carleton will include a requirement to also raise the larger garage accessory dwelling unit above the flood risk elevation or demolish the structure.

City leadership understands that this project is of high interest to the neighborhood and that it has taken considerable time to arrive at this decision. In order to allow for clear communication on this decision and the next steps and timeline, we will hold a public meeting in June. We will work with the Neighborhood Association to select an available date and format, and will notify you as soon as that meeting date has been set.

In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.

Linda Sterne
Communications Specialist
Stormwater Management Division
817.392.2690 office



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TUESDAY APRIL 16 at 6:30pm
Fort Worth Firefighters Hall

3855 Tulsa Way at Crestline Road

Please join us for the monthly AHNA Membership Meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend–bring a friend!

Neighborhood Patrol Officer Andy Morquecho will give his monthly neighborhood crime report and tell us what’s been happening on the streets of Arlington Heights.

GUEST SPEAKERS:  Tonight will be all about the latest at Fort Worth’s Museum of Science and History.  Leishawn Spotted Bear, Director of Science Collections at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, will bring us up to date about the museum’s new $20+ million OMNI Theater, considered to be the world’s first LED Digital Dome of its size in a museum with groundbreaking 8K LED screens.  Christina Hardman, the museum’s Science Collection Manager, will take us behind the scenes of the museum’s upcoming exhibition Mexican Roots.



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As one of the fastest growing cities in America, Fort Worth is experiencing growth pains.  City officials are asking its citizens for their input about what they want the future Fort Worth to look like.  What kind of development do you want to see in your neighborhood?  This is a primo chance to tell the City what you want and don’t want.

The City’s Comprehensive Plan is the tool city leadership uses to guide decisions about what kind of development can go where within the city limits.  Fort Worth’s Plan has not been updated for more than twenty years.  So, a new Plan is in the making and the City wants to hear your opinions at one of the upcoming public meetings:

  • Monday April 15 – Chisholm Trail Community Center, 6:00PM-8:00PM
  • Thursday April 18 – Old City Hall, 200 Texas St., 6:00PM-8:00PM
  • Monday April 22: Leo Adams Middle School, 6:00PM-8:00PM
  • Thursday April 25 –  Riverside Community Center, 6:00PM-8:00PM
  • Monday April 29 – TBD, 6:00PM-8:00PM
  • Thursday May 2 – Victory Forest Community Center, 6:00PM-8:00PM
  • Monday May 6 – Arlington Heights High School, 6:00PM-8:00PM

For more information about the Plan and other engagement opportunities for the 2050 Comprehensive Plan, visit



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Cleaning up Fort Worth’s Trinity River is an annual citywide community tradition.  This year’s big day is Saturday April 20 and goes from 8:00AM until 10:00AM.

Meet up at 8:00AM at one of eight locations: White Settlement Trailhead, Trinity Park/Parkview Trailhead,  River Park, Panther Island Pavilion, Quanah Parker Park, Hope Church, Fourth St. Trailhead, Crystelle Waggoner Trailhead, or Cold Springs Trailhead. A free after party goes from 10:00AM until 1:00PM at the Coyote Drive-In, 223 NE Fourth St.

For more information or to sign up as o volunteer, please  go to   Sign up deadline is Monday April 15.



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Congratulations to Emilie and Mike Bolton for their award-winning yard at 4308 Pershing Avenue

Pansies galore topped off with an assortment of expertly manicured topiary were the details that cinched this classic bungalow to be the winner of AHNA’s April Yard of the Month.

When Emilie and Mike Bolton retired and bought their vintage home on Pershing Avenue in 2020, they wanted a cleaner look for their front yard. They kept the giant yaupon holly on the west end of the yard and another holly shrub, but removed everything else. They chose plantings that were in keeping with the traditional design of their brick bungalow.

“Neither of us are gardeners; we don’t have green thumbs, but we know what we like,” explains Mike. The empty nesters rely on Angel Quintera to advise, plant and maintain their yard. Mike admits, “There would be a lot of plant funerals if I was in charge.”

If Emilie decides she wants a little color in the front yard, Angel gives her some options.  Once she decides, Angel takes it from there.  Angel tweaks the topiaries about once a month.

The Boltons raised their two children in Fort Worth, but once the kids went off to college in 1997, Emilie and Mike moved to Stonewall near Fredericksburg, where Mike’s brother Tim owned the legendary antique store Homestead and Friends. The Boltons built a limestone home and remodeled an old barn that was featured in Country Living magazine.

With both of their children still living in Fort Worth, along with four grandkids, the Boltons decided to move back to Cowtown. Even though they were shopping for a condo, Mike says as soon as he saw 4308 Pershing, he knew that was the one. They love living in Arlington Heights.

The Boltons received a $25 gift certificate to Archie’s Gardenland and a year’s membership in Arlington Heights Neighborhood Association, courtesy of AHNA.

If you see an award-worthy yard, even your own, please let us know by sending the address to



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