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Sealed bids for the sale of the nine city-owned properties on Carleton and Western Avenues in Arlington Heights were opened on December 7, 2023 in City Council chambers.  The City received one bid from Groove Improvements, LLC that complies with all of the Sealed Bid Purchase Agreement guidelines and conditions.

Fort Worth City Council was briefed in detail about the bid on January 9, 2024.  Click on Link to Informal Report for the written report that was presented.

To view a video recording of the presentation, click on Link to Video, starting at 35:27.

Based on the City’s Stormwater Program’s positive recommendation for this bid, the City Council will vote on the sale on January 23, 2024.  If the council votes to approve, the process to close on the sale is expected to be completed within sixty days. Before moving forward with any redevelopment, Groove Improvements, LLC must hold a public community meeting to discuss their redevelopment plans with the property owners on Western and Carleton Avenues, as well as any interested parties.

The City’s requirements for these properties include:

  • Redeveloping the properties above flood risk by either elevating the existing structures, or demolishing and constructing new structures at least two feet above the 100-year flood level, or a combination of the two
  • Redevelopment must not increase flood risk to surrounding properties
  • Any new construction must be single-family and compatible with the character of the neighborhood
  • Redevelopment must be completed within forty-eight months of closing

Additionally, the City reserves the right to access and inspect the properties to ensure compliance with its redevelopment requirements.  If the bidder fails to comply with the redevelopment requirements, the City retains the option to repurchase the properties.

According to Jennifer Dyke, one of the assistant directors of the City’s Transportation and Public Works Department, even though these homes will be elevated above the 100-year flood level, future deeds for each property are required to include a flood risk notice to ensure that all future residents are aware of the flood risk to vehicles, landscaping, and other property improvements.  These deed restrictions will stay with property, requiring future development of these properties, regardless of ownership, to disclose the flood risk and elevate future homes at least two feet above the 100-year flood level.

The Fort Worth Report published a story about the sale: Link to FWR Story.

Corrections to Fort Worth Report story: the photograph of a collapsed ceiling is not from flooding, but is from a broken water heater on the second floor that occurred during the City’s ownership.  Also, please note that the required deed restrictions on these homes will follow the land and be required of all future property owners.



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